Who Says Work Can’t Be Relaxing?

It’s Time to Reward Your Team for a Job Well Done!

Team Meeting & Spa Combo…

Let us treat your team to an unforgettable experience.  You’ll start with some focused business time by taking advantage of our on-site meeting room… but THEN there comes time to close the laptops and put the work aside!  It’s time to let our team of professional’s help you unwind with a selection of spa treatments of your choice.  It’s a great mix between productivity and pure relaxation!

Team Spa Getaway…

Your employees work hard day-in and day-out, and let’s face it, it can become tiresome.  If you’re looking for a memorable way to acknowledge their efforts (and reinvigorate them in the process!), look no further.  A Team Spa Getaway if the perfect way to express your company’s thanks.  It’s also has an interesting way of bring your team closer together!

City Spa Client

Thank Your Clients in Style…

Great businesses know that it is important to take time to show appreciation for their best clients.  Whether it’s a single individual or a group, what better way to recognize them and express your appreciation than to offer a unique and relaxing experience…. a day with us at City Spa!

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