Waxing, Tinting, & Enhancements

Body Waxing

Brow- $21
Lip or Chin – $16
Nose – $16
Jawline – $19
Full Face – $42
Underarms – $24
Abdomen – $33
Full Arms or Half Legs – $47
Full Legs – $84
Toe Wax – $8
Bikini – $40
Deepline Bikini – $45
Brazilian Bikini (18 +) Р$70
Back or Chest – $48+

  • Allow at least 2 weeks of hair growth for waxing
  • No sun exposure or tanning before or after waxing
  • Waxing is not recommended on same day as facial treatments
  • Retin-A or Acutane users are not recommended for waxing


Brow Tint- $28
Lash Tint – $28
Brow & Lash Tint – $48

* Patch test is required for first-time tints.

Lash Lift – $110

A safe and easy way to temporarily curl or straighten lashes. Lash lifts are a fantastic option for everyone who is interested in dark, luscious, and beautifully curled lashes with low-maintenance and minimal commitment. A lash lift is the permanent restructure of the hair shape, giving our guests lifted lashes for the duration of your lash cycle, 6-8 weeks. Lash lifts require minimal aftercare after the first 24 hours and offer our guests total freedom!

Powder Brows – $550 – $575

This semi-permanent make-up technique is designed to create fuller more defined brows. While using a rotary gun with a single nano-needle (the average width of a human hair,) this technique creates the most natural and precise brows. Depending on personal preference, this technique can be created to appear soft and natural or on the bolder side.

Powder Brows can last anywhere from one to three years depending on oiliness, sun-exposure, exfoliation, and age of guest and can be prolonged with regular touch-ups.