Choose your desired session length and a Certified Massage Therapist will assist you in deciding which massage technique best suits your individual needs.


60-Minute Massage – $90+

Full Body Session


90-Minute Massage – $120+

Ultimate Full Body Session




Both relaxing and therapeutic, this classic form of massage uses light to moderate pressure, helping to ease tired or sore muscles. A great treatment for an introduction to massage therapy.

Pregnancy Massage

Using moderate pressure and techniques specifically for the mother-to-be, this treatment provides general relaxation and relief from pregnancy discomforts. *Available only for women in their second or third trimester; high risk pregnancies not recommended.

Deep Tissue – add. $15

A focused treatment that works the deeper layers of muscle tissue to alleviate chronic pain, injuries and deep muscle tension. Excellent for those who receive massage on a regular basis, athletes, and for anyone who overuses the body.

Hot Stone – add. $20

This deeply relaxing treatment uses heated, Balsa stones in combination with traditional massage techniques to melt away muscle tension. Beneficial for those who experience joint pain and stiffness. *Not recommended for pregnant women and for several medical conditions.

Massage Enhancements & Express Treatments


Back Smoother – $28

An exfoliating treatment for an often forgotten area. You’ll be ready to show off a smooth and flawless back after this refining scrub.

Deluxe Head Massage – $48 individual treatment / $38 with service

Melt away your stress with a soothing head and face massage designed to improve relaxation, stimulate nerve function, relieve headaches, congestion, tension and fatigue, and promote mental calmness. Perfect as an addition to any body treatment. Treatment includes aromatherapy scents tailored to your specific needs.

Deluxe Foot Massage – $48 individual treatment / $38 with a service

A relaxing foot and calf massage to relieve tired limbs and improve circulation. To be enjoyed as an addition to one of our body treatments or simply on its own.

Massage Cupping – $48 individual treatment / $18 with service

A therapeutic treatment that can be much deeper and more effective than a traditional deep tissue massage. Cupping promotes circulation and stimulates blood flow, loosens adhesions in connective tissue, breaks up scar tissue and promotes lymph movement.

Therapeutic Cupping – $100 60-min (body only) / $130 90-min (face included)

Therapeutic Cupping For Lymphatic Drainage – Light to Med. Suction
Full body sequence for general wellness. Lymphatic stagnation is a common issue such as tight muscles, injuries, surgeries, medication, etc. The lymphatic system initiates necessary healing responses.  
Acute Inflammation?: No cupping directly over site & wait approximately 72hrs.
Chronic Inflammation?: Doctor’s Approval needed!!

TMJD Massage – $60 individual treatment / $28 with service

Through the use of trigger point work and deep stretching massage, focused on and around the muscles of the jaw. neck, head, and shoulders. TMJD massage can be an effective therapeutic intervention. *We always recommend getting a proper diagnosis from your doctor or dentist, especially if the problem has only occurred within the last 6 months.  

CBD Oil – $25

Hand/Foot Paraffin – $20

Body Treatments


Express Body Polish – $58

Lift away dead skin cells with this refreshing Body Polish and let that new skin out! Your skin will absorb hydration like never before, leaving your entire body feeling amazingly radiant.


Classic Body Treatment – $93+

Enjoy a quick escape to the spa with a Body Polish followed by a 30-minute massage.


Ultimate Body Retreat – $120+

Enjoy a Body Polish with a 1-hour customizable massage.
(Total time: 90-min)


We want to keep our treatments result-oriented and bringing you the latest and greatest treatments is our priority. Ask your Therapist about current or upcoming additional modalities. (Ex. Craniosacral, Access Bars, Myofascial, and Reflexology)

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